Fancy Lady

May I tell you how enamored I am of my new Skechers? The ones I mentioned twice yesterday? And that’s only here. Who knows how many other times I raved about them in the REAL world.
Yesterday afternoon, I stood in the middle of Times Square for a few hours, and engaged random passersby in chirpy conversation about my fabulous new footwear. Later, after sundown (when all the beautiful people [beauty that owes much of itself to dim evening lighting] come out), I saw Jimmy Choo and Manolo Blahnik enjoying an intimate dinner together at a diner, pulled a chair up to their booth, threw my left leg (the non-wooden one) across both of their laps (they were sitting right next to each other, on the same side of the table!), and drew their attention to my Skecher-shod foot.
“Now this is a shoe, boys!” I said, triumphantly.
“Is that one of yours, Nolo?” Jimmy said as he caressed the slingback strap.
“Oh, I wish,” Manolo said, admiring the flexibility of the neoprene. “It’s magnificent. As is the foot in it and the person to which the foot is attached!”
They split a creme brulee and I had mixed berry sorbet. (It was a very fancy diner.)
P.S. Of course, because I’m such a fancy-pants, I didn’t have pants to go with the new shoes. So I bought these, in black. Note that they are convertible, and the legs can be worn up or down or in-between. I plan to set a trend by wearing one up and one down!