Gregory Peck

My favorite actor of all time, Gregory Peck, has died.
I was just thinking about him yesterday, and wondering how he was doing. I was thinking about how my sister, mother, and I have all agreed that he was one of the best-looking men we’d ever seen. And he was one of the only celebrities I would have liked to meet. One of the others was Audrey Hepburn. She was the only celebrity whose death immediately moved me to tears.
Until today.
And just this afternoon, before reading this news, I saw that a remake (from the ’80s) of Roman Holiday, one of my all-time favorite movies, starring Gregory Peck and Audrey Hepburn, was on TV. I wondered about Gregory Peck again. I was thinking, again, how wonderful it would be to meet him.
I don’t believe in “heaven”, but if I did, I would hope that Audrey Hepburn would welcome him up there and climb on the back of a Vespa, and the two of them could ride together, high above the streets of Rome, on a never-ending holiday.