Jodifreeverse #2

Below is some very moving, very tender free verse. For an explanation as to the method of its creation, I gently direct your attention to my first Jodifreeverse entry. Not that works of art require or need explanation, of course.
Feel the art. Experience the art. Be the art.
Interpret it as you will.
Here is the art:

Because the results would happen
if, next week when
I had
my computer!
that does but I was asking
me? to be positively ragged.
So great. clothes and then use Listerine…it
Lasts Longer The
last day
alive consisted of
a guy
attention to go, out Have a iced
coffee on one on this city is that
is something
nice cold soda pop directly from our
class. and a hat
pulled over her

“[A]nd a hat pulled over her so.” Stunning.
Note:  “Have a iced coffee” is illiterate, yes, but please, the meaning goes deeper than what is on the surface. Poetry, like life, is not perfect. I, like you, am not either. Embrace it.