Mmm, M102!

No one believes me when I say I love the bus!
Wait a minute. Did I forget to mention that the other day, I treated myself to a really nice bus ride home from 57th Street, where I’d stopped to see a Very Important Person after my delicious lunch? Well, I did. I took the M102. Although it wasn’t a “limited” and made more stops than I would have liked it to make, it was quite possibly the best bus ride ever because the bus itself was so clean that I would have purposely dropped any leftovers on its floor just so I could eat them off of it. Unfortunately I didn’t have any leftovers, so I didn’t get the chance. But I licked the floor anyway, for good measure.
P.S. The red-headed woman at the front of the bus, on the left, is sampling the rail on one of the seats. So no, I wasn’t the only one. Please.
P.P.S. The bus was so new and clean that it smelled just like my fresh new Skechers! (The Skechers, for the record, taste like poi!)