R.I.P. 20 June 2003

No, in real life I do not wear blue pants with a purple shirt and matching headband.  The socks, though ...  yes.

All I can say is I hope I don’t die in my sleep tonight (knock wood) (please) (thank you), because I’d hate to think that my last day alive consisted of a hideously uninteresting and not at all amusing comedy of errors, including my gym being closed when I was planning to go, my site being “down” for several hours, and my ordered-in dinner tasting like the bag it came in. (I didn’t eat it. Instead I had a container of Stonyfield Farm O’Soy raspberry soy yogurt with a sprinkling of Almond Oats Zoe Flax & Soy Granola Cereal.) Life is so unfair!
But whether I live or die, I will be overjoyed knowing that Johnny Depp’s face will be the last one I see tonight. I just hope he doesn’t let me down on 20/20. That would be too much to bear, but only fitting given the tenor of the rest of this day.