Sugar Baby

The other day, on a very crowded subway (the 4, if you must know), I was standing next to a baby in a stroller. (Yes, she was accompanied.) Her slobbery gushy pink mouth was making much work out of a very thick rope of wet red licorice that she gripped tightly in her little cocoa-colored left hand. She looked up at me, and, seeing me looking down at her, raised her sticky hand to offer me what she had.
Whoever it was who came up with that saying about taking candy from a baby obviously wasn’t very thorough in his research. That incident clearly proved that you don’t have to take it. They’ll just give it to you.
(Never mind, by the way, that I was a bit puzzled as to why a kid so young would be eating huge candy with such abandon. But hey, I suppose it’s better she do it now, when she only has four teeth to rot.)
P.S. She also had Combos in the little tray attached to her stroller. She had one in her other hand, and offered it to me too. I must admit I was tempted. Very. (It was gushy, sticky, and gummed-up, but still. [I don’t “do” cheese, but I do occasionally indulge in cheez.])