Hairy Krishna

A flower for you!

This was the scene on the northwest corner of 34th and Broadway yesterday afternoon, just outside Macy’s. Note if you will (and you must!) the enthusiastic shopper in her ersatz “Hare Krishna” getup in basic black. As I passed, I heard her say, “Oh no! I just got it in orange at H&M* … and now I see that white is the new orange!”
I was dismayed to see my dog, Taxi, accompanying these guys, given that he always mocks my vegetarianism and has told me on more than one occasion that he has a “secret” way of getting back at the vocal yoga students downstairs. In fact, just the other day he e-mailed me an article about “doga” and later smirked as he confided that the gravelly/sandy area of Madison Square Park where the sessions are held is the same area where he pees. So why this? I don’t know. I’ll ask him tomorrow, after he has been fully deprogrammed.

So anyway, I grabbed him and took him inside Macy’s, where we ditched the white robe and outfitted him in head to toe Adidas. (Oh, and bought me a great Anna Sui top, and a stunning sweater and fantastic pants by Elie Tahari!)
* Schlock Central. Cheap, in every sense of the word.