Nessie With Finesse!

One afternoon last week, I was walking along Columbus Avenue with a friend, and who should we see but the elusive Loch Ness Monster!
I couldn’t believe my good fortune! I reached into my sporty LeSportSac for my camera … but it was not there. I closed my eyes and saw a freeze-frame of my desk at home, where I had left the camera beside a Banana Republic coupon I’d also forgotten. I may have cursed.
I knew that the one day I left the house (unintentionally) without my camera, all sorts of amazing, you’re-never-going-to-believe-this things would happen and I would have no way to back up my claims.
Fortunately, however, I saw a drugstore just steps away, and zoomed in to buy a disposable camera. When I returned, my friend told me that Nessie had gone into a swanky bar across the street. We didn’t want to seem like star-stalkers, but we couldn’t help ourselves. We crossed the street and went into the bar.
I didn’t realize until later that day, when I picked up the prints, that I had bought a Kodrock instead of a Kodak. But I think the little bird who worked inside the camera managed to peck out a wonderful rendering!

She's no monster!  And she's MUCH thinner in person!
Nessie has never looked lovelier!
(I believe the dress is a Vivienne Tam!)