No Eye Don’t

For the kathousajillionth to the nth power time: No. No, people, no. No. I do not watch Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. Or any other “reality” shows. Stop asking me.
I could not care less about it if I tried. I don’t care to get all wrapped up in two-dimensional “reality” when I have the real thing in vivid 3-D just outside my front door. And, actually, on this side too.
Yes, it’s true that I was quite attached to this season of American Idol, but after all was said and sung and done, who the hell cares about Ruben and Clay? The people in my real life — even the ones on the bus who prattle on about whether they want to get off the crosstown 72 at 66th and Fifth or 66th and Madison — interest me much much more.