Mom Knows Best!

It’s pouring here now. Thunder. Lightning. Cats and dogs, too, of course. (Taxi just flew by the skylight, with Shana hanging off one of his back legs. It was actually kinda cute.)
The kind of stuff that would have my mother saying into the phone, “I’m getting off the phone! We shouldn’t be on the phone!” So I’m not on the phone.
She would also tell me not to take a shower or be on the computer. So I’m not going to do either. Which means I’m outta here.
It’s very important to listen to my mother. (But not to be on the phone with her when there’s a storm.) Even if you don’t listen to your own, at least listen to mine.
I’m going to spin my own yarn by candlelight now, and then weave it on my loom into a nice blanket with which I will dry off the dog and cat.
Woof. Meow. Bye.
P.S. Get off the computer, if it’s storming where you are. Don’t worry my mom. Thanks.