Eating My Words

My food repertoire has been peppered with various parts of speech. I’ve eaten nouns (pudding, soup), verbs (shake, roll), and adjectives (crisp, tart). But I’d never tried an adverb, until this:

Pop sensation Idly and the Condiments, taking five
It’s called idly, and it’s Indian, and I tried it at Guru, which I recently mentioned in connection with PQ2003. It’s pronounced “EED-lee”, but that doesn’t stop it, in print, from looking like an adverb. I can’t compare it to any other adverbs as far as taste goes, so I won’t describe it. I will let you know once I try “succinctly” and “freely”, the next two adverbs on my to-do list.
You’d think that a dish whose name is identical to an adverb related to inactivity wouldn’t be so much fun, but believe me, when it gets together with those condiments, you’ve never seen such a party. Idly doesn’t sit idly by and watch the fun go by, no. It’s more fun than Josie and the Pussycats, Herman’s Hermits, and the Osmonds (Plus Jimmy), all wrapped up in two little lumps of fun fun fun!
So, really, what’s in a name? Nothing!
And what’s on that plate? All kinds of crazy!