Survival Tips for City Slickers: #1 of ???

You know what’s a good idea? This: When you get caught in the rain, without an umbrella, just surrender to the rain. When dealing with business competitors and with your in-laws, with your kids and with the cabdriver, with the knife-wielding burglar and with “Death by Chocolate” on the menu, you can put up a fight. You can. It’s even expected. But in this instance? The rain? No. Really.
Give it up. Give in. Get over it.
Putting a newspaper over or directly on your head as you run to safety — because, let’s face it, the stuff that falls from the sky is a lot different from the stuff that falls from your showerhead — isn’t going to do much of anything except make you look more like a jackass than the one you think you’re going to look like when you arrive at your destination all soaked ‘n’ stuff, with newsprint on your cheek, and the headlines of the Weekly World News in reverse on your forehead.