Brownie Points

Reasons to go here:

include this sign behind the counter:

and this painting, entitled “First Day of School”, which is only part of a mural designed to look like a gallery dedicated to the wide variety of baked goods available at the bakery:

Oh, and of course, this:

(The plate is mine. Courtesy of me.)
I stumbled on all of that on my way to Kate’s Joint. As if my previous lunch there wasn’t enough to warrant another visit, then I certainly could have been persuaded to return based on today’s lunch:

Unchicken fried steak with mashed potatoes
and vegan gravy and cauliflower

The only thing missing is some sort of leafy green vegetable, which I could have substituted for the cauliflower (which was the vegetable of the day) for a small surcharge … but I didn’t want to hurt the cauliflower’s feelings. After all, it’s not its fault it wasn’t born green.
P.S. And yes, I know today is Yom Kippur. But I prefer to think of it as Yum Kippur! It’s only appropriate.
Kate’s Joint — 58 Avenue B
Taylor’s— 175 Second Avenue