This may very well be my last post before I am officially not this age anymore. So just to play it safe — and let’s face it, kids, you have to these days, oh how you have to! — I thought I’d just touch base (a phrase I hate) and say, “It’s been nice knowing you.”
Because let’s face it. I’m going to be over the hill come Sunday. If I even make it over, that is. Hey, you may be turning your clocks back on Sunday, but my clock will be marching ahead, with one foot in the grave, another on a rollerskate, another on a banana peel, another on an oil slick, and yet another on something decidedly revolting that may or not be ooze from an unidentified orifice of a street person. That makes quite a few legs for my clock. And me? Well, I’m on my last.
Go out and enjoy your impetuous youth tonight. As for me, I’m just waiting for Sunday morning when I wake up, look down, and see that somehow, overnight, my feet pajamas have “morphed” into an oversized T-shirt proclaiming I’m FORTY … AND LOVIN’ IT!.
Good night, youngsters.