All right. So it’s almost here. The day. A day that has people around me in a flurry, all a-twitter and agog and a-gogo. Gaga!
My date of birth. The day the first digit in my age changes! A day that doesn’t come ’round more than a couple of handfuls in a person’s life. It’s even more exciting than when a car’s odometer “turns over”!
Sunday’s the day. The 26th. So for those of you who think you’ve missed it, well, don’t sweat it. Don’t fret it. Just don’t you forget it.
Circle it in red. Circle it in blue. Circle it in purple. Or use one of those four-color Bic pens, and do it up with four-color “flava”. Better yet, get your hands on a box of 64 crayons and circle it in burnt sienna. That’d make me happy. And, after all, you want me to be happy as the hip hap happiest of days approaches, don’t you?
Sure you do.
Oh, and the circle doesn’t even have to be a circle, per se. You can use a heart, a rhombus, a scalene triangle, or any shape you like. (Even a phallic one, because I know you’re dying to do it.)
Just don’t forget, OK? There’s nothing that will make me hate you more than if you don’t remember my birthday. And remind me that you remember!
P.S. I can’t believe that come next week, I won’t be a teen anymore!