Talley Ho!

Spotted in Rizzoli around 3:00 this afternoon: André Leon Talley, Vogue editor at large, standing near the front of the store signing one of his books. It wasn’t a book-signing, and there was no fanfare. I think he’d just wandered in off the street — perhaps while sleepwalking, given the appearance of his dress.
At first I didn’t even recognize him. I did hear him, though, making some sort of loud fuss, looking around as if he expected someone — everyone— to recognize him and make a suitable fuss.
From the looks and sound of him, I thought he was just a loudmouth schlep off the street who wanted to take refuge in opulence. A very tall and large loudmouth schlep with a French accent who wanted to deface books by scribbling in them. I didn’t pay him much attention, other than to wonder who the big pretentious lug was who obviously wanted someone to notice Who He Was.
The only person who seemed to give him more than a passing glance was an employee of the store, who asked him several times, “Will a driver be here for you?” She spoke to him the way you would to an escaped mental patient who was waiting for his “driver” to pick him up to take him back to his “mansion”.
“Mordecai … Mordecai,” he said loudly, as if speaking to a foreigner, with an air of diffidence usually reserved for those famous enough to be recognized. He must have said it eight times, each time more loudly than the one before.
Mordecai must have arrived while I had more important and interesting things to do, such as observe the second hand of my watch, because all of a sudden the bookstore was quiet again and not a “Mordecai” could be heard.
And I didn’t even get to say au revoir!