The Lady Lunched

I am as much a woman of my word as I am a lady who lunches, so without further fanfare, I present this week’s lunch line-up:

Kate’s Joint, Tofu Steak Au Poivre
13 October 2003
So far I have managed to avoid bringing a dog-eared volume of “beat” poetry I just bought from some tattered guy on East Fourth Street, to this place, so I could conspicuously place it on the table by my water glass, in a transparent attempt to conform with the self-conscious non-conformists always in attendance. The only excitement at my table, other than the food, was my always darling, ever charming friend Kyria.

Applejack Diner, Baked Potato and Broccoli
15 October 2003
More fun than it looks, I promise. Perhaps because it was enjoyed in the company of my effervescent friend “L”. The broccoli had more personality than the catatonic cashier at Rizzoli that afternoon, and the potato was more glamorous than the “personality” who dropped by the bookstore to sign his book.

Vynl, Thai Red Curry with Tofu
17 October 2003
I’d been meaning to try Vynl for a while. True to what I’d read about it, it was indeed kitschy, but not nearly as cluttered as I’d anticipated. Menus are printed inside old album (LP) covers. (Note to younger readers: Albums may not be as convenient as CDs, but their covers are a lot easier to roll joints on than “jewel cases”. This, coming from a real hardcore burnout, yeah.) This is a fun place, even if you’re by yourself, but if you come with friends it’s a great place to pose. At least that’s what I gathered from everyone else around me. (Oh, and the french fries, which I didn’t have, looked great.)


Cupcake Cafe, Chocolate Cupcake
17 October 2003
My friend “C” has been raving about Cupcake Cafe for quite some time and recently told me she bought her girlfriend a birthday cake here that was out of this world. I had to try the cupcakes, she said. The frosting was not to be believed. Well, I hate to say this, but I won’t be believing C much anymore. This cupcake looked very promising, but it didn’t have much to offer other than a pretty face. In its defense, though, I’m not really much of a cupcake person, so you may not want to believe me either.

Village Mingala, Tamin Let-Thoke
18 October 2003
The DOG and I loved the food at this place so much when we first went there two weeks ago that we just had to go back this afternoon. Although I was tempted to replay my order, I went with a slightly different dish. Still, we did get the tofu kyaw again, because it was so dreamy. The DOG had kow swear kyaw with shrimp. The waiter suggested that I get the “lunch special” version of my dish, but I insisted on the regular order. When he came to clear our empty plates later, he was genuinely impressed that I’d managed to finish mine. I am so proud.

Village Mingala, Buddha
18 October 2003
No, he wasn’t on the menu, but he was seated by our table. We contributed 25 cents to his worthy cause. (He’s laughing like mad here because just before I snapped this photo, I tried to slip him a dollar bill somewhere that tickled!) We didn’t expect to get much in return, so you can imagine our surprise and delight when he engaged us in witty conversation throughout our lunch. (Talk about “Buddha’s Delight”!) And yes, he’s just as dusty as he is busty!