What’s Eatin’ Ya?

I know what you’re thinking. (Other than that. Beast.)
Jodi, you’re thinking, what’s eatin’ ya? You ain’t posted nothin’ about lunch this week. Last time was Saturday! I’m worried abou’cha ‘n’ all ‘n’ stuff.
Well, don’t worry.
And for the love of Pete, God, and money (not necessarily in that order), don’t use the word “ya”. Or “ain’t.” (When I was in third grade or so, we used to say, “Ain’t ain’t a word, because ain’t ain’t in the dictionary.” But now it is. That doesn’t mean it’s right though.) And please enunciate. You sound like a bum, droppin’ all those “g”s off the ends of your words.
Where was I?
Oh, that’s right. Yes. Here: Don’t worry. I’ve had lunch. I had a pretty tasty one on Monday, will no doubt have an amazing one tomorrow (lunch with my brother!), and may even another two this week that are worth sharing. Only pictorially, though, because I don’t want your fork in my food. Or your fingers. So don’t worry. You’ll be able to feast your eyes on my lunches no later than this Saturday, in a glorious Lunch Week In Review!
You’re so cute when you worry about me, though. So cute I may even let you say “ya” if you really want to.
Enjoy your afternoon. And your lunch.