A Tall Order

As you have no doubt heard, either by reading it here or via any one of the many news sources available to an ever savvier public these days, yesterday I actually left the house for the first time since this Monday. One detail that I’d kept hidden from my public, both adoring and jealous, in order to avoid exciting the paparazzi needlessly, was that I spent a bit of time yesterday afternoon with my tallest friend ever. We did a fair amount of snappy shopping at Mexx (Fifth Avenue location), and along the way, couldn’t help but notice this at Rockefeller Center:

Yes, that’s our good friend Oscar Tannenbaum! There he is in the foreground, on the bottom right! It’s unfortunate that that big tree thing took up so much of the shot, because O was wearing a really cute outfit that you just can’t see here. Stupid stupid stupid tree!

*  *  *
Oh, and speaking of orders, today is the first day I’ve gone out to lunch in quite a long time. I know that you’re used to regular updates and luscious full-color photos memorializing my menu, and you don’t like being disappointed. Well, fret no more, food voyeurs! Today’s lunch came courtesy of Village Mingala, which I’ve mentioned before. Here … have a look-see!

Green Papaya Salad

Tofu Thoke

Chili Soybean with Vegetables
The DOG’s dish, Spicy Prawn, looked just like my Chili Soybean — except, get this: with prawns and not soybean protein!
Oh, it’s a wonderful life!
P.S. For photos of wintertime fun at Rockefeller Center, check out last year’s heartwarming photographic essay, “Ice of Life”. And here is the accompanying entry.