Feet Fête!

I’ve written before about how my sister and I, in elementary school, used to wish we were twins, and would insist on wearing matching outfits to promote our fantasy as reality among those who didn’t know we weren’t. Somewhere along the long and winding road of our torturous and tortuous childhood, our style paths diverged. Sometimes I like to wonder what would happen if each of us had taken the other’s “road less travelled”. But that’s getting just a bit too deep, and I like to keep things light around here, because I’m a girl, after all, and it’s enough that I’m pretty.
Ajax and I are as different as Patty and Cathy, but we’re alike in that each of us likes to indulge in a little good-natured light ribbing about the other’s style. So imagine our shock when we discovered this past Saturday that we had bought the same pair of shoes. Take a gander at this, would you:

You will notice, if you’re crafty, that our pairs are not exactly alike. For instance, her cloddish although comfortable Earth shoe is her right shoe, whereas mine is my left. And likewise, vice-versa, switcharoo, for our sleek, sexy, stylish other shoe (which is a boot).
“Pretty sneaky, Sis!” we said in unison. (We’re two of a kind, after all!)
She’s the one with her feet in First Position. I am the one who is inching toward Second. Although neither of us is as turned out as we are capable of being, I think you’ll agree that as far as foot fashion goes, we’re both incredibly turned out.
Tip:  If you’re not familiar with ballet positions, you can learn all about them here!