Just One Thing

I have not had any photo-worthy lunches lately. I did have one dinner that was not only photogenic but quite tasty as well, but my dinners, with very few exceptions, are very private affairs indeed, and I must respect that and remain discreet. So you will just have to imagine the mushroom saag and assorted pakoras that entertained me last weekend.
I have had many experiences lately where people have annoyed me to such wretched extremes that to recount them here would only serve to stir up yet another batch of boiling bile. And as much as I love overworking my liver, it has better things to do with its time, as do I.
I will say only this for the evening, and leave you to your own Friday night devices and drunken escapades, because, really, everybody’s workin’ for the weekend, after all, aren’t they, and you’re no different. So party hearty — but please realize that that should really be “heartily”. Thanks.
Oh, so that thing I want to say is this:
If these people can run a 26.2-mile race with almost nothing to drink for more than two hours, then the elite athletes at Equinox who tiptoe on the treadmill for 20 minutes at the breakneck pace of 3.0 miles per hour can certainly survive without pausing for Gatorade and Powerbar breaks.
And with that I bid you adieu for the evening. Now go party. Heartily.