Two Years

I should have flowers and candy. I should have silk roses and a Whitman’s Sampler. Or white tulips and Teuscher. Something. I should have … something.
Why should I have something, other than because, well, I deserve it just because? Because today, friends and foes and faceless freaks, is the second birthday of this world-famous website. And that, of course, makes it 380 years old in internet years.
So really, it’s decrepit and moldy and wizened and looks like a shrunken apple head with unevenly painted wooden derelict eyes and teeth made of Indian corn. And just like a shrunken apple head, it will come alive after dark and attack you in your sleep, giggling in echoes.
But pretend you don’t notice. Just make believe it’s soft and chubby and pink-cheeked, full of life and love. And wish it a happy birthday and many, many more!