Best Frie(n)ds

This weekend I indulged two of the greatest loves of my life. These:

Stella (East Tenth, near Avenue “B”)
and Anonymous Boxers (University Plaza at Tenth Street)

and these:

Creole Soul “Chicken” and French Fries, both from Red Bamboo
Dogs, I adore every day. Dogs I pass are greeted with a minimum of “Hello, puppies!” Fried food, I enjoy only once a month, if that. Most fries I pass. But some, like those pictured above, in which I indulged this afternoon, are greeted with “Hola, papas!”
Puppies and papas. Oh, woof. Life is very very good.
Note:  These dog photos, like all others featured on this site, have a permanent home in the Dogabout gallery.