Que Sarah, Sarah

Something went a little bonkers with stuff behind the scenes here, so I’ve been unable to update the universe with all the exciting news going on in, on, and around the Jodiverse. But thanks to the amazing and fantastic Sarah, things are getting back to normal … or at least what passes for normal. It is all very subjective, normalcy, so interpret as you see fit.
Although Sarah has been able to get this site back up and running and has fixed bitches of glitches to which you, dear friends and dread foes, weren’t even privy, she is, unfortunately, unable to help my cable provider restore internet and email connectivity. This has nothing to do with her lack of willingness but the fact that she lives in New Zealand.
So how am I posting this entry, you wonder? Via telepathy. Yes, I have that ability. And here you thought all that skill was good for was bending spoons and setting high school gyms on fire.
Carrie on.