Queens for a Day

Yes, it’s true that there’s plenty of Indian food to be had in Manhattan. That I’ve established.* But I’m an adventurous girl. A Wandering Jew. So what better way to indulge my sense of adventure than to wander to lands afar in search of a luscious lunch.
Actually, if I must be truthful (and oh, I must), I did not wander. Kyria, my steady Indian food partner (no, LOLsters, not my partner in crime), and I planned (or pre-planned for the redundant and superfluous among you) our jaunt earlier this week. So where did it, and the F train, take us? To Jackson Diner, in Queens, for this:

Food fit for Queens! Or pretty princesses!
Yes, a bounty from the buffet! This is the first of two dishes I filled. What I dig about this place is that a large sign by the buffet directs people to USE A NEW PLATE EACH TIME. I am always baffled by people who do not follow this rule or who do not even know it exists. I would think that ordinary intelligence would make that decision for them, but I know that is being presumptuous.
I also dug that the food — including two varieties of paneer! — was quite tasty. And only $6.95 (between 11:00 and 4:00) for all you can shove into your paneer-hole! (But make sure to heed the sign that admonishes DO NOT WASTE FOOD.) One day I plan to hang out for the full five hours. After all, the sign doesn’t say I can’t.
*What’s that? I would provide links if I loved you, you say? I prefer to show my love by having you do the research yourself. Just like your dad used to tell you to look up words like “angina” in the dictionary if you wanted to know how to spell them. And also because he wasn’t sure if “angina” was a word you should be saying aloud, or even at all.