So Sweet

I’m very moved by the expressions of love and concern you display when I do not write here for a day or two. I’m touched that you worry. I love how you send “snail mail” to “Jodi, c/o, NYC, USA” with little stickers all over the envelopes and sometimes even lipstick prints of your pouty mouths, with handwritten notes inside asking me if I still love you and if I don’t write for a day or two, does that mean it’s over between us. It’s really sweet.
Or at least I did love it. Until I realized that you don’t give a whit (rhymes with!) about me. Nope. Your concern is solely for yourselves, you selfish masters of charade. You feign concern for me because you don’t have anything else to read or do and you come here looking for succor.
I suppose that means I am a sucker.
And I am sure that means you suc!