A Bunch of Crop

Well, the mass merchandising style slicksters are at it again. Trying to foist something old on us and tell us it’s “new”. “Everything old is new again,” I suppose, but the latest style they’re promoting isn’t even old. In fact, it was just here last year, and I believe it was being touted as fresh and inspired then too.
What is it, you’re wondering?
Cropped pants.
Yes, the same short pants that are unflattering on a wide range of women. They’re back! Even though, unfortunately, they never left!
This is reminiscent of the good old days a year and a half ago, when Gap victoriously proclaimed, “black is back”.
Amazing, the great lengths to which they will go to make something dull seem oh so fresh. The moderately-priced clothing buying public’s memories, apparently, are about as short as the pants they’re trying to sell. Or maybe Gap is just selling their customers short.
Either way, I’m not buyin’ this crop.