Out of the Picture

I ate pretty food, I did.
I passed pretty places, I did.
I saw pretty dogs, I did.
So much prettiness, so much beauty. So many opportunities to capture ephemera with my camera. But the camera, alas, was not with the lass. As you know — or should know, if you love me enough to visit me on a regular basis (and by visit, I mean here on this site, not in real life, because in real life you know I would just let you ring the buzzer until your finger went numb) — my camera is out of commission. At least temporarily. (And here is where you cross your fingers, toes, eyes, and everything else that’s crossable.)
Some girls take their dogs everywhere. They parade them around town in stylish shoulderbags or totes, some specifically designed for this purpose. Since my dog is too large to cart around even in an oversized military-issue duffle bag, I take my camera everywhere instead. It is a constant in my life. On the very rare occasion when I don’t have it with me, I feel as if I have neglected to brush my teeth or go to the gym. In fact, any handbag I carry must be large enough to accommodate the camera. This rules out any attempt I may make to emulate Jackie O, but that’s the sort of sacrifice I make for my art. You can imagine how empty and lost I feel without it.
So, gentiles, tell me: is this what Lent feels like?