As you may have noticed, I like taking fun food fotos. I like to share what is on my plate, if only photographically. And I like the way the other people in the restaurant (discounting my dining companions, who by now are used to me bringing out the camera and documenting my dishes before eating) react. Their bemusement always amuses me.
The reactions, however, do vary. Restaurant workers in places where I am a regular know by now that I photograph my food and look on with smiles and laughs. Others barely even notice anymore. Yet others look at me as if I am photographing something that either should not be photographed because it is underage or cannot be photographed because it is the food equivalent of Dracula. Still others act as if I am stealing the food’s soul. Or, worse, the restaurant’s recipe.
On Friday, Kyria and I had lunch at Gandhi. I memorialized one of our lunches there, here. This time I took two photos, one of each dish we ordered. We went about our lunch in our customary merry fashion, gabbing about shoes and bras and giggling about boys and macramé like gal pals tend to do. I thought all was well.
After we were done eating, Kyria told me that the waiter was furious when I was taking the pictures. I did not even know he was around when I did it. Ordinarily I do wait until the waitperson leaves the room, out of a sense of propriety and respect for the food’s privacy. After all, even though saag paneer has a great body and looks gorgeous in a shimmery evening gown, it does get a little shy when I tell it to “make love to the camera”.
I was a bit taken aback. The saag paneer and mushroom saag cooperated. In fact, they were the ones who asked me to take their pictures. I was more than happy to just eat them without such formality, given that I already had a photo of the mushroom dish from my previous visit. However, this fellow acted as if I were publicly photographing the results of a particularly spinachy autopsy. I wish I had known earlier of his fury, so I could have gently reminded him that he was the one who creamed the spinach in the first place.

*   *   *
As it turns out, the photos did not come out very well at all. I even considered not using them here. But because I am a spiteful girl, here they are:

Saag Paneer and Mushroom Saag