Bet or Not: The Tally

Nine days ago, I posted a very important poll in which I posed a difficult question. As of this writing, 149 votes have been registered. The results are as follows:

Did I touch the paint?
No – 22 (14.77%)
Yes – 127 (85.23%)

What does it all mean? It means that 85.23% of those who responded have no idea how much value I place on clean hands. And it means that 14.77% of those who responded can give themselves a big hand for having at least some idea.
I am so touched that you think you know me. But you see, you do not. I knew it would turn out this way.
So yet again, you are wrong, and I am right. And that, friends and foes (and foes who delude themselves into thinking they are my friends, and faux foes who really are friends!), is something I can always bet on.
Note:  That poll is officially CLOSED. So don’t go running over there to vote “right” now.