Eighteen long days ago (minus the one hour that was stolen from us thanks to that no-good ne’er-do-well, Daylight Saving Time), I was giggling like the teenaged boy I am over a T-shirt worn by a vaguely Jesusesque fellow. Although I said that he, by wearing it, “made my day”, that was not entirely correct. Did it make me giggle? Yes. We established that above. Did it make me chortle? I daresay it did. Did it make me guffaw? Well … no. Therefore, I cannot say, in good conscience, that it made my day.
However, that is not the correction that warrants the attention. This one — sent to me via email by a conscientious reader — is:

I know you would be loath to spread misinformation, and that is why I’m
here to tell you that the shirt was probably for Polygamy Porter, a Utah

She attached this as visual proof:

So now I must retract that the Jesusesque fellow even marginally made a portion of my day and replace the notion of giddiness with the hideous reality that he was just another dolt wearing a stupid T-shirt advertising “microbrew”. And just when I thought I was finally letting go of my misanthropy!
So insofar as being corrected goes, well, YES, here is one instance where I don’t mind saying I was wrong. People are banal!