Upping the Auntie

Last night I attended the screening of Auntie Mame, one of the most delectable movies ever, with this plaid-clad lad and this one. I couldn’t have asked to be sandwiched between more wondrous boy bread. Although we pretended I had to sit in the middle to break up the plaid shirt theme, I know they wanted me between them so they could have an excuse to reach between my knees for the popcorn.
In keeping with the materteral* theme of the evening, after the movie we headed over to Le Zie** for manly portions of pasta, because the popcorn, jellybeans, and chocolate cherry cordial eggs we all gorged ourselves on didn’t quite put each of us over our goal of at least 10,000 calories consumed in a three-hour period. (Along with the rest of the sweets, this sweet boy also brought Peeps in the most beautiful shade of blue, but we didn’t get to them. They sat quietly in their bag. Yes, that’s right. They didn’t make a … well, you know.)
Since I know you’ve all been hungering for a fabulous food foto, here is my fettucini with mushrooms***:

It was an absolute ball! (But not Lucille Ball. Please. Give me Rosalind Russell or give me death.)
* Look it up.
** “Le Zie” means “the aunts” in Italian. (See, I don’t make you do all the work.)
*** Yes, my new camera arrived. On Wednesday!