Mother’s Day

Look what I ate at Gobo on Mother’s Day … sans Mom!

Spiced Bean Curd and Pepper Stir-Fry,
Mashed Potato, Brown Rice (and *bonus* deux cucumber slices!)

“Oh, Jodi, don’t you have anything else for us today? After all, it’s a holiday ‘n’ stuff!”
Well, no, I don’t. And you shouldn’t be here anyway. You should be with your Mom offline (all day, until midnight!) and not with me. I am not your mom. If you don’t have a Mom, then you should be with someone else’s mom, like the fancy lady down the street named “Aunt Jeanette”. You know, the one whose “lawn” your dad “mows” every once in a while. Her. That one.
“Mum” may be the word about Aunt Jeanette any other day, but today Mom‘s the word!
P.S. My mom loved the CDs!