Spice of Life

Remember what I said the other day about going light on lunch if I know I’ll be having a big dinner? Well, check out what I had this evening at Spice:

Fresh Summer Rolls and Pad Thai (with tofu)
Look at the elegant presentation … and take notice of the lyrical beauty of Kyria’s graceful hands:

Although the brainy-looking (especially in the lower right corner of the upper photo! look!) clump of Pad Thai does not look like a lot of food, it most certainly was. It more than made up for my paltry lunch of a lone rice cake topped with a tablespoon of Crunch Time peanut butter (by Peanut Butter & Co.).
For further balance, I supplemented my pre-dinner cup of iced coffee with another from Big Cup. Kyria (who prettily sipped a tall cup of decaffeinated tea) and I added a decidedly feminine touch to the otherwise all-male clientele.
Then we went back to the apartment where she’s been cat-sitting for a friend, and I played the wedding march on the out-of-tune piano.
New Yorkers are so kooky!