You Gotta Have

After spending several days in near solitary confinement due to the fact that people get on my nerves, I decided to venture out today in search of something to take my mind off the inevitability of tonight’s final episode of Friends.
A big portion of my day revolved around food. Because, after all, food is my friend. It’s everybody’s friend. Unlike Chandler Bing and Joey and Rachel and everyone else at Central Perk, who never were your friends and never will be, not even in syndication.
While you were busy sobbing over the glossy photos you tore from those special newspaper supplements devoted to those other friends with their signature haircuts, I was out with my best friends. And if I must be truthful (and I must), I daresay everything pictured below is better looking than Lisa Kudrow.
Feast your eyes on this lunch from Spoons, which I enjoyed in a posh midtown high-rise office building conference room:

Veggie Rice Bowl with Tofu (Bi Bim Bop)
And what follows bi bim bop? A skip ‘n’ hop to Bloomingdale’s! Bi Bim Bop Bloom! Pow! Shoes were bought. (Not pictured. Please. That’s getting a little personal.)
Several hours later, I headed off to dinner avec the grooviest girl in all the land, Kyria, who’s almost as cool as Courteney Cox. We shared a friendly meal at Dojo East:

Hijiki-Tofu Dinner and Soy Patty bathed in carrot-ginger sauce/dressing/stuff
At the end of our evening together, I kissed Kyria on the cheek, and she turned to me and kissed me on mine. It was a real Ross ‘n’ Rachel moment!
P.S. Although I have not followed this shitcom since perhaps the second season (The One Where I Decided It Blew), I felt compelled to record it last week and watched it at my leisure. I couldn’t handle the pressure of watching it in “real time”. So of course I recorded it tonight, and will watch it tomorrow when no one’s around in my building to witness me weeping.