Food is Good

I’ve been feeling out of sorts lately, but haven’t been able to put my finger on the source of the sortsoutsness. I thought maybe I was too busy having my finger on the pulse of what’s hip ‘n’ happenin’ in New York City to notice where all my fingers were, but then I realized I’ve got enough moxie to multi-task, and enough fingers to go around. So I pulled all my fingers from wherever they happened to be (oh, you don’t want to know), and realized that the reason I feel so … off … is because I haven’t shown you my food lately. I knew it had to be something important.
So now, while I have all my faculties intact and all my fingers on the keyboard, please allow me to so indulge you:

Candle Cafe, Moroccan Eggplant Salad (with tempeh)
17 June 2004
I ate this so long ago that I can’t even remember what I wore when I ate it. (Idea: Photograph outfits in conjunction with food … order dishes that coordinate with clothes? If so, avoid all-black ensembles, unless ordering the Wholly-Hijiki platter.) Nevertheless, I remember it tasted a lot better than my shirt.

Why Curry?, Drunk Man Noodles (with tofu)
29 June 2004
Although most of my fun food fotos are of lunch, sometimes (rarely!) I like to flout convention and snap shots of dinner. Dinner ordinarily turns up its nose at such frivolity, but this dish didn’t seem to care. Then again, it was too drunk to notice. Oh, and please note that this is the only time I have interest in a drunk man’s noodle.

Gobo, Nori Wrapped Tofu
2 July 2004
I am physiologically and psychologically unable to consider “nori” without immediately conjuring up the image of Michael Nouri as Nick in Flashdance, in the scene where Alex (Jennifer Beals) removes her bra without taking off her trend-setting sweatshirt. I did manage to keep all my clothes on while eating this, though. After all, I’m not that much of a maniac.

Gobo, Braised Tofu in Black Bean Sauce, with Mashed Sweet Potato, Brown Rice
11 July 2004
Some people praise the Good Lord Jesus on Sundays. Gobo braised the Good Food Tofu. And I … I am a believer. This was one of the best tofu dishes I’ve had in recent memory. And yes, I’d swear that on your Bible.

All — finger-lickin’ good! (But don’t worry. I don’t do that in public. At home I lick my plate, though. Yes. I do.)
Next up: Brooklyn! They have food there, too! Who knew!?