Do not be jealous because I have this —

Anpanman Peropero Choco Fujiya
— and you do not. (This does not apply to Kyria, who has one too. We’re cute like that, my grrrrrl and I. We wear matching self-belted jumpsuits too.)
I did not know who Anpanman was until I did a Google search when I brought this delicacy home with me. I learned he is a superhero made of bread. I cried then, because my ultra-trendy wheat-intolerance forbids me from indulging in the wonder that is bread.
Of course, this treat itself was not made of bread, but of delicious creamy chocolate (milk chocolate on the back, white on the front … sorta like “coming-and-going” jeans!). So yes, I ate him.
And now, Anpanman, you really are TOAST!
L’chaim! Kanpai!