Dollar Story (#15): Baby Boutique

I’m not interested in purchasing any of the babies on display. Something is wrong with every single one of them! And this isn’t some bargain basement bonanza, where cut-throat ladies grab cut-rate babies by the limbs, nearly drawing and quartering them before even handing over their hard-earned money, no! This is one of the finest baby boutiques in town.
But these babies? I won’t have any of them! They’re all too smooth and too white! And everyone knows the well-heeled ladies in my circle only accept sad-eyed light-brown babies with cureable health problems.
I take my money and go elsewhere.

*   *   *
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I have renamed this series of very short stories. When I started doing them, I intended to vary the number of words in each story; hence, the name “A Story In So Many Words”. Since every story is 100 words, I was forced (at gunpoint!) to come up with a new name for the series. (If you can figure out what “Dollar Story” means, you are very smart. If not, you are not.) I will not go back and change all the old entries to reflect this renaming. (The gun wasn’t even loaded!) However, I will continue numbering the stories in sequence as if nothing ever happened.