Just in case you’re not lucky enough to have a little bubbly fountain on your desk or on your credenza, or on the cardboard box your pinchpenny tightwad cheapskate office manager tells you is just as good as a desk or credenza, or on your kitchen counter, or on your lap, or wherever it is you do that thing called “work” (and from which you are now taking a much-deserved break to read wonderfully informative websites such as this) … well, just in case you don’t have that little fountain, I give you this:

I have “looped” it, so it will continue playing over and over until you press the “stop” button. (I say this because not all of you are as outrageously tech-savvy as I am.) I made the executive decision to do this because I thought it lent a more lifelike touch to the entire fountain experience. Even though the water in the fountain is pink, which is not very lifelike, unless you come from a family that, traditionally, either dumps containersful of Kool-Aid into the swimming pool or slits its wrists in the bathtub.
I apologize if you pee while listening to this. And I feel very bad for you if you pee pink.
I only wanted to make you happy. After all, I you!

These images are from Philadelphia, so do not go wandering around New York looking for this stuff. We have a nice statue of a tall lady holding a torch, though, that you may find compelling.