Rhymes with EARTH DAY!!!

Oh yeah, and by the way, in case you were wondering why today you woke up extra happy and full of vim, vigor, and a renewed zest for life … it’s because today is my birthday! I am THIS MANY YEARS OLD. And here you must picture me holding up both hands to show you my fingers, smeared with Devil Dog cream and *nose gook*, and laughing with my mouth wide open (and shut) to show you my teeth all blackened (brownened?) with Devil Dog meat. Traaaaainnnnn wreccccckkkkkk!!!
In case you’re wondering how I celebrated my birthday here on my world-famous website in years gone by, I will save you the trouble of going through the archives, and just tell you to go here (includes a link to the ever-popular “Crappy Birthday To You”) and here. Consider it my gift to you!
Enjoy my day. Celebrate by doing something I would do! (But make sure to check with your physician first before doing Pilates. It is not as easy as it looks.) Take a photo of your lunch and send it to me! (Really. Do it. I want to see how the other half eats.)
Oh, and please feel free to adore (or abhor) me in comments (my other gift to you).
Over and out, etc.