Trust me when I say it’s OK if people stop saying, “Not that there’s anything wrong with it” after either they or someone else says, of someone (either the someone just referenced or another, third party someone), “He’s gay” (homosexual gay, not “retarded” gay) (and by “retarded” I mean dorky, not the other kind).
Really. That Seinfeld episode aired, what, 20, 30 years ago, and people are still saying it? I know the show’s in syndication and thus the line is still floating around out there, but come on, it’s time to retire it already. I mean, you don’t see/hear me going around saying “What’s your pernt, Edith?” or “How ’bout a flip side?”*, do you?
Oh, you do. That’s right. (And here is where I would say “Never mind” a la Emily Litella, but that stopped being funny circa 1977.)
* Bonus eternal love to anyone who knows this reference.