You do the bath

After pilating me to within an inch of my life yesterday morning, Cameron, my private dancer Pilates instructor, told me I should treat myself to a luxurious bath, using epsom salt. Ever the obedient pupil and good girl, this morning on the way home from the gym, I bought a little carton (the very nice boy at Duane Reade told me they were all out of the big size … apparently people on the Upper West Side are big on this trend), and am about to take a bath. Yes, that’ s right — if you read this within half an hour of its publication, you will enjoy the bonus of knowing that your reading coincides with my luxurious nudity!
My only concern is this: Do I eat the epsom salt before I get in the tub? Does etiquette dictate that I use a spoon, or can I pour it directly into my mouth? I plan to take a small plate of scrambled tofu into the tub with me, so maybe I’ll just sprinkle it on top. I hope I’m doing the right thing. I’d hate to think I was all washed up.