Anger Management

These signs are all the rage at Home Depot.
And oh, how appropriate that I took this photo at the new Home Depot a block south of Bloomingdale’s, where, once you take the escalator down to the lower level, you are forced to pass through a labyrinthe not unlike those found at airport check-ins, winding through the massive, many-countered check-out area, leading to a turnstile that grants you access to the rest of the floor, and finds me saying through gritted teeth, “This is why I support the little guy! This is why!”
All that, just to get two keys made for $1.24 each (plus tax), when I could have gotten them made in my own neighborhood for $1.00 each (without tax! thanks, Mom! thanks, Pop! can I borrow the freshly-cut car keys? LOL!). Oh, it’s a mad mad mad mad mad mad mad world!