Hearty Meal

Since moving to the Upper West Side, Taxi hasn’t been able to find the same quantity of street food that he enjoyed during his morning walks downtown. Lately he’s been grumbling that he can’t find a good slice of “strizza” to save his life. I would suggest he hang out on the sidewalk near Sal’s & Carmine (check out a representative slice of their plain cheese pizza here), where he might have some luck finding a nice piece of crust, but I do not want to encourage bad behavior. I do not want my dog to be a thug.
Since I do not allow him to terrorize local pizza parlors or other neighborhood establishments that might provide him with the kind of tasty remnants he craves, he has taken to commandeering Shana’s cat food. I try to keep a pretty close eye on him whenever he wanders into their dining alcove, but sometimes he acts so quickly that before I know it, he’s gobbled every crunchy bit in her bowl.
Today was one such instance. When I looked over and saw the blur of his snout, I jumped out of this chair, pirouetted to where he stood hunched over her bowl, and said, “That’s not very nice!” But I took it back when I noticed that he left this:

All this time I thought he was being a greedy, cat-food-stealing pig, when really he was finding a creative way to express his love for the cat! Gotta love the puppy love, right?