Trial Scene

An old friend, Mr. W., kindly asked if I have any photos of Tom Otterness’s Trial Scene, which held court for a limited time at West 65th Street near Lincoln Center — or Bed Bath & Beyond … whichever is your cultural (p)reference. As luck would have it, I do have photos, and because I am in a generous mood, I will share them with you, the public in general, as well as Mr. W. in particular. Look:

Bonus pigeon:

Soft sculpture by Godness
Originally, these sculptures were on exhibit only through November, but then the engagement was extended through March 18. I don’t know if the sculptures are still up, but I will check tomorrow and report back to you pronto. And if they are, I may very well be tempted to take photos of every single last one of ’em. And then, if I’m still in a magnanimous, loving mood, I may show them to you. Maybe.
Update (10:37 p.m.):  I just noticed that none of my photos includes the owl, who enjoys a perch a bit above the other characters in this set. If Trial Scene is still in session tomorrow, when I pass by, I will make sure to get a shot of it in its entirety, and post it. (Promise.)

Didn’t she show us an Otterness sculpture from this series a few months ago? Why, yes! Good memory!