Back in July, I confessed that I bought an iPod. I bought it because I wanted to be trendy and popular and loved by loathesome poputrendsters my non-iPod mp3 player refused to live up to its end of the arrangement (i.e. it BROKE, damn it, it BROKE, it BROOOOOKKKKKKKE) and I thought I’d go with something more reliable.
Well, now my iPod is slacking off. And not only has it slacked off, but it’s gone on strike (perhaps in protest to a playlist that includes “I Need A Hero” by Bonnie Tyler). That is, it’s BROKEN. You can read about my problem here (I’m the one named “tofuju”) (duh). What I didn’t include there, because I didn’t want to violate that forum’s “no swearing” policy, is is that my iPod is fucking me so much it should be called an iPud.
So, barring any miraculous reversal of misfortune overnight, tomorrow morning I am taking it to the Apple store in Soho to see if the fellows there can help a poor girl out. Of course, I would prefer not to sashay to Soho, so if anyone reading this can help solve this problem, I would appreciate it. Also, if your help yields results (i.e. my iPod ain’t broke no more!), I will send you, via email, an autographed photo of my iPod in a very provocative setting.
Now, if that’s not iIncentive, I don’t know what is!