Street Sweets!

Look at this hepcat and dainty dog whom I had the great pleasure of meeting just outside Bloomingdale’s this past Friday (a/k/a Freitag, which sounds like Fri-Dog … which makes this almost uncanny)! I gave their guardian, whom I presume/assume/exhume was a street person, a dollar, and he asked if I wanted to take their picture. How could I resist?
I present to you … Kitty and Lady BooBoo!

Ordinarily I do not give money to street people, because I suspect they will not make wise investments. However, I gave money to Kitty and Lady BooBoo’s dad because I had a strong feeling he wouldn’t squander the cash and would only use it to treat the Lady to a fancy pupicure to match her springtime ensembles:

Despite being nattily attired herself, Kitty wasn’t too thrilled. Perhaps because she knew her bed was dog-themed:

“We are not amewsed.”

Oh, and speaking of uncanny (see above), I couldn’t help but notice this eerie resemblance:

Lady BooBoo and Lady JewJew
Image of Lady BooBoo “mirrored” for more dramatic effect!*
(P.S. Lady, you may want to switch to tanktops now that the
weather is warmer. See my likeness at the top of this page!)

Woof! Oy! Wow!
Noto Bene:  I am having a difficult time resisting the overwhelming urge to say “Lady MewMew”.
* Note for the Non-Observant:  Notice our sprout-like hairdos. Also note that my hairband matches her sweater.