Constantinued …

All right, so it may appear, by dint of the preceding entry and the fact that I haven’t put anything up here since seeing Constantine Maroulis in the flesh and the fact that this post also deals with Constantine, that I have “sold out” and am devoting this site to nothing but American Idol. But that appearance would be (and is) deceiving. Indeed, after tonight, I will revert back to my old self — or at least it will appear that way here, where my next entry will not even mention Constantine or American Idol.
But for now? Well, I have something for the Constantine lovers (or “The C-Section” as I have dubbed them) with whom I have been having a bit of fun over at, and also for Constantine fans everywhere, who are flocking here now.
Click on the following link for a bit on tonight’s Fox News: Constantine Maroulis: What A Boy Wants. (Do the “right-click” thing and save it to your computer before playing it. Thanks!) It’s not the best quality, and for that I would apologize if only I’d promised to capture it using something more sophisticated than the video function of my hand-held digital camera.
My camera’s card indicated that it was full at the very end of the bit. The only thing it missed was Constantine’s last word, which was “success”.
And really, I promise the next time I write, I’ll be back to normal, and will, like, show you my lunch or a dog or rail about someone disgusting at the gym or on the subway.