For Pete’s Sake

Lest you think I somehow got sucked into a Constantine Maroulis cult, never to be heard from again, please rest assured that that is so not the case. I’ve been out and about, to and fro, and even hither and yon, doing this, that, and even, believe it or not, the other thing. Lunch, dogs (including a Dachshund festival that I will “share” sometime soon), Broadway shows, walks around town, jaunts outside the city … I hung out with some friends whom, until recently, I’d only known from their websites, email, instant messages, and the occasional phone call. Real life has a fabulous way of making you not want to be online so much.
So, anyway, this pet-shot is dedicated to Pete, the loveliest Londoner in all the land, Eng or otherwise, whom I had the grand pleasure of finally meeting this past Wednesday after a few years of online correspondence and instant messaging:

Cody, mixed breed, 3 years old
I met Cody the day before meeting Pete. He and his “dad”, a writer who goes by the name of Bertram, a man old enough to remember The Depression, were enjoying the spring sunshine on the steps outside their building a door or two down from Levain Bakery, which produces the most outrageously mouth-watering cookie in the universe. Bertram was almost as adorable as Cody, but because I’m not into photographing people, I left him out of the shot. Bertram told me that the two of them will appear on the cover of someone’s jazz CD, so if you’re feeling really ambitious, you can maybe, like, Google it or somethin’.
This photo of Cody, and others of dogs I’ve met recently, will have a permanent home in the Dogabout gallery later today. I wish I had a photo of the cookies Pete and I shared on the bench outside the bakery, but alas, I did not want to get chocolate chip goo all over my camera. I’m sure you understand.
P.S.  Since I didn’t manage to leave Constantine Maroulis out of this entry, despite my vows otherwise in the preceding entry, let me just say one more thing about him for now: NO, I am not going to the CD release party at SHOW for “Pray for the Soul of Betty”, his band. I may, however, check out the queue (look, I’m all British now, after hanging out with Pete for over five hours!) of rabid fans waiting for tickets to go on sale.

Hasn’t she mentioned Levain Bakery before? And didn’t she even show us a few of their cookies and whatnot? Why, yes. Yes, she did.