Tofu, Vegetable Kim Bob, Kimchi Pancake
From KoFoo
23 May 2005, Washington Square Park
Leftovers enjoyed at home later

It’s been quite some time since I shared my lunch(es) with you. “Yeah, and thank god,” some of you are saying. While others of you are so bereft from the neglect that you can’t say a word, and can merely sob quietly into your embroidered (and perhaps monogrammed) linen handkerchieves.
So I supply the above photo to cater to the needs of the latter. The former can grumble and go elsewhere, and, if I may be so bold (and oh, I may), not only eat pulled pork but pull their pork wherever they so desire. Or enjoy this photo of a package of poultry whose label makes no sense:

Whole Foods, Columbus Circle
In lieu of attending a barbecue or leading a Memorial Day parade in my small town, I will be updating the Jodeats gallery sometime over the weekend, and will, of course, include the KoFoo lunch there.
Also, enjoy this song while you’re at it. (Please right-click and save to your own computer.) I will leave it up through the end of Tuesday.